Light Activated In Clinic Teeth Whitening
Custom Tray
Home Whitening System
Our Light Activated Teeth Whitening Treatment Whitens Your Teeth Instantly!
What's Involved:


1. You will firstly receive a full consultation and oral health check up and be required to fill out a detailed questionnaire and consent form.

2. Our dentist will diagnose the existing shade of your teeth using a shade guide which is used as a reference point for your results before and after this will be recorded on your consent form.


3.Our dentists will carry out an oral health check. Place cheek retractor to retract lips back. Pre whitening teeth cleanse. Apply the gel to teeth. Switch on the High Power Whitening Accelerator Lamp that contains matrix of LED lights operating at an optimum frequency this activated the whitening gel to breakdown stains in the teeth. Simply relax whilst you lie on our comfortable treatment chair.


4. At the end of the treatment our dentist will retake the shade of your teeth showing you the difference and a new whiter brighter smile.


The teeth whitening procedure is specifically designed to give you a comfortable and pleasant experience. We can whiten your teeth instantly. It’s that simple. Contact us to have your teeth whitened – we are the fastest and easiest way to a whiter, brighter smile.

Treatment Price: from £299 - Special Offer £199


The Custom Tray Whitening System is one of the most thorough ways of whitening your teeth. Results can last a lifetime.
Whats Involved:

1. You will firstly receive a full consultation and oral health check up and be required to fill out a detailed questionaire and consent form. The dentist will take an impression of your upper and lower teeth.

2. The impressions of your teeth are then sent to our Laboratory.

3. The Laboratory will then make an exact caste of your teeth and use this to make custom fit whitening trays. These trays are hand crafted by expert technicians.

4. The trays are then packaged together with the teeth whitening gel prescribed by the dentist either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel and will be ready for you in most cases the same day.

5. The dentist will show you how to apply the gel and use the kit and will supply you with step by step instructions.


The patient dispenses the gel into the trays at home, the trays hold the gel in place securely on the tooth and are worn for 1-4 hours or overnight each day for around 7- 14 days giving ultimate results, eradicating staining on the front and back of the tooth through the breakdown of the patented gel against the stains.



Price: £249

Custom Tray
Home Whitening System

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Laser and Bespoke Kit 
Combination Treatment
Whats Involved:

If you are looking for instant, but long term results this is the choice for you. After your free Diamond Polish and intial laster treatment at the clinic we will give you a bespoke teeth whitening tray and a personalised schedule to take away, ensuring your teeth remain whiter and brighter for longer.



Price: £548 - Special Offer: £299